Water Management Solutions

At Elite Agro Projects, we recognised the need for water storage solutions long back and have been delivering and installing a variety of cost-effective, functional and hassle-free water storage tanks for clients throughout the GCC countries.

World over, water storage and conservation is of increasing concern for everyone, more so given the fluctuations in climate. Growers, particularly in regions were there are scare water resources, find water storage tanks a huge blessing.

Our storage solutions are meant to last, have low maintenance costs and are tailor-made for specific requirements and budgets. They also have multiple applications such as for irrigational purposes, domestic use and aquaculture.

Elite Agro Projects mainly focuses on tanks with HDPE (High Density Polyethylene Fabrication and Installation) lining as these are great value for money. We also deal in tanks made of other materials, and any related accessories, which we recommend wherever we find them more ideal for our customers’ needs.

Approach us for:

  • Steel tanks
  • Plastic tanks
  • Concrete tanks
  • GRP tanks
  • GRP sectional panels
  • HDP liner for tanks/ponds