Climate Control for Green houses

Climate control and creating the most appropriate temperature, humidity and other conditions needed for particular crops is what greenhouses are about. Advancement in technology has made it possible to get more precise conditions than ever before. Elite Agro Projects offers total solutions for your greenhouse requirements making use of the latest automated technology.

Cooling systems - several options are available including evaporative cooling, fans, ventilation shutters, misting, shade clothes etc.

Thermal screens - they can be manual or automated and helps control heat & light. In hot, sunny climes, they are really handy to provide shade and protect plants from harsh sunlight. In winter, by closing them at night time you can retain heat accumulated during daytime.

Ventilation systems - roof ventilation and roll-up sidewall ventilation systems are the most common. These systems allow for optimal air circulation and to let out warm air through roof vents thereby preventing excessive temperature buildup. Fan systems can also provide good ventilation and air movement.