About Us

Elite Agro Projects is synonymous with smart farming. We are a specialist agriculture and farm related construction company. Our expertise is in custom-building farming facilities, installation of top-of-the-line farming equipment, irrigation systems, green houses and other farm infrastructure.

It gives us a great sense of accomplishment that we are able to empower farmers by introducing them to high-performance precision farming, innovations in agri-tech and best farming practices from around the world. With over a decade of experience in our chosen field and having successfully completed projects globally, we are now a preferred agricultural construction service provider for an ever growing clientele.

The company’s goals include providing agricultural solutions suitable for the local conditions that will make profitable farming possible; establishing top quality facilities and structures to cater to grower requirements; incorporating innovations and technology for optimal results; and conceiving and initiating model projects that work as a template and can be replicated at will.

While our reputation in the GCC countries is well established, we have a growing footprint in the wider world and a fast expanding portfolio.